Teen Dating Violence Abusive Relationships Quiz

Are You Being Abused?
Do you feel scared or feel like something is wrong? Be honest when answering and do not make excuses!

Does your boyfriend/girlfriend…..

❑ Try to keep you away from friends and family by wanting/demanding
that you spend all of your time with them?
 Constantly check up on you by calling you, text messaging or
showing up to see if you are there and who you are with?
❑ Acts jealous, possessive and/or accuses you of cheating?
❑ Try to control where you go, how you dress, or what you do?
❑ Have an unpredictable temper and get angry frequently? Do they
blame their anger on something you did? Do they yell, scream or break
things instead of talking things over?
 Call you names or put you down, sometimes in front of others?
❑ Use alcohol or drugs as an excuse for saying or doing things that
hurt you?
 Threaten you with words, force or weapons?
❑ Try to force you to do things sexually that you don’t want to do?
 Physically force you to do what you don’t want to do?