Spanish greetings

Spanish greetings
If you want to learn Spanish online but don’t have a budget to hire a personal Spanish tutor, there are many websites you can visit. For example and

You can expect to find plenty of Spanish vocabulary lists by topic, real-world sentence examples with audio, a Spanish grammar checker and many free grammar quizzes. Free Spanish lessons available on any device!

One website we recommend to find Free Spanish lessons is

For instance, if you want to learn about the Present Progressive in Spanish you can study the lessons and take a fun quiz at the end. Present Progressive Spanish | Present Continuous Examples and Quiz. This is all available for free. If you want Free Spanish Grammar Lessons or Spanish Vocabulary, visit the website today.

Here’s a list of some of the content pages you can expect to find:

Present Progressive Spanish | Present Continuous Examples and Quiz

Possessive Adjectives in Spanish | Possessive Determiners | Quiz

Spanish Present Simple | Conjugation Examples with Audio | Quiz

Comparative and Superlative Adjectives in Spanish Examples | Quiz

Spanish Conjugation Introduction for Beginners | Examples with Quiz

Master Plural Forms of Nouns in Spanish | Audio, Examples, and Quiz

Spanish Imperative Made Easy | Conjugation with Audio and Free Quiz

Spanish Articles | Definite and Indefinite Explained | Free Quiz

Ser and Estar: Step by Step Guide with Examples and Free Quiz

Spanish Prepositions: How to Use Them | Examples and Free Quiz

Common Spanish Adjectives You Should Know | Examples with audio

Estar Conjugation with Easy Explanation and Examples | Free Quiz

Gustar Conjugation Chart | Explanation with Examples and Free Quiz

Ser Conjugation with Easy Explanation and Examples | Free Quiz

Reflexive Verbs in Spanish Explained | Audio and Free Quiz

45 Common Spanish Verbs You Need to Learn | Conjugations with Audio

Wondering what is the informal you in Spanish? Take a look at these free resources to learn the difference between formal and informal ways of speaking in Spanish.

In Spanish, there is “tú”, which is “you”, and there’s also “usted”, another “you” (but formal!). It’s easy to tell the difference if you’re being polite (or formal) or not. This is due to the fact tha verb conjugations are different for “tú” and “usted”.

Tu vs Usted Easy Explanation | Free Lesson with Examples and Audio

Spanish Subject Pronouns Explained | Examples and Free Quiz

Countries, Nationalities, Languages in Spanish | List with Audio

Question Words in Spanish | Free List of Questions with Audio

Telling the Time in Spanish | Free Audio and Fun Quiz

Jobs and Professions in Spanish | Masculine and Feminine Forms

Free Time Activities in Spanish | Interests and Hobbies with Audio

Useful Expressions in Spanish | Common Phrases with Audio

Clothes in Spanish | Shopping Vocabulary with Audio

Spanish Daily Routine Vocabulary: Morning | Afternoon | Night

Days of the Week, Months and Seasons in Spanish with Audio

Spanish Vocabulary: List of Places Around Town with Audio

Spanish Vocabulary: List of Everyday Objects with Audio

Spanish Vocabulary: List of Food and Drinks with Audio

Spanish Greetings: Formal and Informal | Everything You Need to Know

Spanish Vocabulary: Home and Households with Audio

Numbers in Spanish: 1-100 Cardinal & Ordinal | With Audio

Spanish Vocabulary: Lists by Topic With Examples and Audio

Spanish Grammar: Free Lessons with Examples and Audio

Want to speak spanish fluently? Practice with informal spanish greetings!