Stand Up – Acknowledge and support the cause.
Speak Out – Let your beliefs be known.
Take Action – Display a poster! Domestic violence is a difficult and often uncomfortable subject to discuss. Imagine the number of people who will be impacted by the message on your poster without you having to say a word. You can be a catalyst in promoting this powerful message and it requires little investment in time or money.

It only takes one voice to reach one person and then another and another. . .
thus creating an “Echo For Change”. Display a poster and let your voice be heard!


I have invested my personal saving I have invested my personal savings to design these posters to create awareness and to make it known that our communities will no longer tolerate domestic violence. Even though I wish I could give them away, I must sell the posters to cover the costs. Think about it. For only $10 you can make a powerful statement and reach many people just because you made a conscious decision to display a poster.

I will also donate $1 from every poster sale to a project whose focus is domestic violence.

Please assist me in spreading the word and changing the attitudes and actions of our society. Help protect all women and children and eliminate domestic violence.