Get Educated What Is Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a PATTERN of coercive behaviour used by one person in a relationship to gain  over the other person. This control is gained through a variety of  The behaviour can include any or all of the following: emotional and psychological abuse, threats of homicide or suicide, sexual abuse, economic control or deprivation, stalking, spiritual abuse, destruction of personal property, cruelty to animals and physical abuse. Domestic violence occurs within all racial, economic, educational and religious backgrounds. IT CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE! Partners may be married or not married; heterosexual, gay or lesbian; living together, separated or dating.

Victims of domestic violence are predominantly women. We do acknowledge that anyone can be abused and this is not a campaign against men.Domestic violence can happen to anyone but statistics show that women are most affected by this type of violence. We do acknowledge that some men are abused and we encourage them to seek help. Given the statistics, we often reference the victim as ‘she’ and the abuser as ‘he’.

Over a 10 year period, police reports showed males were much more likely than females to be the perpetrators of spousal violence and more likely to repeatedly abuse their spouse
• One time incidents – 86% male vs. 15% female
• Repeated incidents of abuse – 94% male vs. 6% female
• Chronic abuse incidents – 97% male vs. 3% female

Domestic violence is a complex issue. The abuser may choose different tactics to manipulate, control and terrorize the victim. The goal is to arouse fear, tear down the victim’s self-worth and ultimately exhaust and control them. This will prevent the victim from expressing their free will and forces them to behave in ways which only appease the abuser. Domestic violence isolates the victim, leaves them feeling responsible for the abuse and seeing no way out; thus, perpetuating the

Domestic violence is not a private matter and the community must

An important step in addressing this issue is to know the of domestic violence. No one wants to admit they are being abused or they are abusive but there is help. If you are being abused, please remember: IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT and HELP IS AVAILABL